At Just Up, we only care about providing the best services to our clients. We are empowered by the most diverse technical equipments and the most unique and creative team to do Fiction, Entertainment and Advertising and to create powerful Institutional videos. We are also focused on delivering high quality services, such as postproduction, content production or equipment rental.


We have been working on several different fiction projects. Ministério do Tempo, a historical sci-fi TV Show, is currently our most popular project.  It also represents what we aim to continue to do in this area, empowered by the Portuguese director António-Pedro Vasconcelos.


We see entertainment as a distinctive and quality product. That’s why we gather some of the most creative Portuguese minds and are opened to receive proposals that are out of the box.


In advertising, it is important that the messages have meaning to the audience. Our goal is to turn the briefings and ideas from our clients into powerful and meaningful messages to their audiences, though a very unique visual language.


No matter the size, all companies care about promoting their values, services and products on the internet and though different social media platforms. Our job is to help you doing more and better by creating powerful institutional videos that can show who you are and what you do, with high potential to be shared through different communities.


If you’re looking for postproduction services, this is the place. At Just Up, we own the most innovative and last generation technical equipments in order to delivera high quality service to our clients.


To invest in technical equipments while producing or filmmaking might be to hard to a lot of companies. We understand that and offer you access to a range of technical equipment at a fair price, to ensure that your company can keep focusing on delivering a quality work.


Our experienced content team can help you with ongoing projects, developing new ones or creating smart strategies to new challenges. It’s all about creativity – and we have a lot of it.